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Our expert team will assess the health and sustainability of the most important IT infrastructure components. Our tests will determine current issues and we will make recommendations on configuration and design.

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Health Check

  • Server Requirements and Features
  • Age and Health of Infrastructure
  • Components and Supportability
  • Site Links and Virtual Private Network
  • Wireless

Health Check

  • Physical Server Environment, Age, Warranty and Appropriateness
  • OS Version and Configuration
  • Health, Redundancy, Performance and Sustainability of Storage
  • Virtualization Layer Health

Security & Data Protection Health Check

  • Domain Security
  • Gateway / Perimeter Security
  • Endpoint and Server Security
  • Security Policies
  • Backups, Retention & Recovery

And by free we mean FREE.

These services can cost thousands of dollars to perform, but at INNOVEX we perform light assessments at no cost. We believe that businesses should be empowered to confidently address their IT needs by first understanding the state of their IT infrastructure.

After your assessment is performed, you’ll receive our analysis that provides insights and recommendations.

Offer limited to businesses with up to 250 users. INNOVEX can custom-quote more comprehensive assessments for companies with over 250 users.

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